10 March 2013

current reading

 I've recently been reading Clive James's "Cultural Amnesia," which is based on notes he's made over the years while reading. It's a great premise for surveying an extremely wide range of creative . . . hmm, mostly men now that i think about it. I've been reading it each evening before the number of yawns accumulate to finally make me turn out the light. The collection is perfect for this sort of short bursts of reading, as each essay is only a few pages long. And though it's quite thought provoking, i don't find this sort of reading keeps me awake at night. On the other hand, I've also got one of Bill Bryson's books on the bedside table but i quickly found that laughing out loud continually is no way to prepare for sleep, and the same goes for a page turning murder mystery by Jonathan Kellerman. 

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