27 November 2012

My Dinner with Andre

i've just finished watching "my dinner with andre" - a film i revisit perhaps every decade. my friend lori brought me a copy of it last year when she visited and it's taken me this long to be in the moment to watch it. it has sat right there on the shelf of my tv stand since she set it down. i don't tire of seeing it sit there, i've just been waiting to have the mindset to sit and watch it through. i know the journey and need to be content to make it again.

and as with each time i've watched it previously, i was again blown away by the conversation between wally and andre. each brilliant in their depiction of the human condition. now i hear their words in light of this 21st century reality. Y2K didn't rescue us from the malaise and insane pace of the last years of the 20th century, and we entered this century with what felt like a low grade depression across the species, only to be smashed to bits by september 11th which has irrevocably changed the world and not for the better.

this script that was written so many years ago continues to intrigue, and manages to escape looking or sounding dated. a stately old dining room in new york city with veteran waiters still seems possible, and the everyman style of dress passes without distraction. at each viewing i relate the ideas expressed to what i feel life is like at the moment, reflecting current history. the thoughts thought out so meticulously and delivered so effortlessly across a dinner table all those years ago are as relevent as any good philosophy book that holds up across generations. i bring my own experiences of the intervening years, from one viewing of this film to the next, to catch a new nuance of one or another idea.

i still love a good conversation and if anything appreciate it all the more as such well articulated thoughts over a meal are less and less common these days. there seems to be less patience and talent for exploring ideas, and taking them to a deeper further level.

if you can make the time, i can still recommend this film highly.

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