05 November 2012

Mid-autumn waking up

Ah, that summer break was far longer than even i could imagine. i find most people around me these days are starting to feel the panic of not keeping up via blogs, facebook, email, linked-in, texting, and that's without any of us quite knowing how or why we should be tweeting our every thought as well. we're just not immediate enough.

my writing has been taken up with letters and long emails and only a bit of the time have i sat down to work further on the second novel. there are writers who grab every spare minute to add to their tome and others who set aside regular writing time and ahere to it, and then there is me; i need to clear a large expanse of time and take a running leap at it from afar. i dream of that cabin with few distractions to sit day after day and write and dream and stand outside taking in fresh air and then back to it for hours more. and in lieu of that, i write in my head.

on the other hand, i've been reading more of late, which is another goal i set in this new academic year. i've been quite happy to enjoy other people's writing while not doing my own. some old favorites, like jorge luis borges, and a ten-year old copy of the paris review theater issue, bill bryson because it's so much fun to just laugh and laugh outloud, and some newer like dave eggers, paul torday who wrote "salmon fishing in the yemen" and of course they changed the ending in the movie, and bernhard schlink's "the reader" which is so well crafted in bringing a new view of an agonizing history by the generation who first inherited the guilt. being a slow reader is a curse, as i have several books stacked on the bedside table that i'm not likely to get to til the new year. i've also been reading an assortment of books on culture since i'm teaching a course this semester based on geert hofstede's research and edward hall's research and looking for surrounding points of view on the topic.

and now that the weather is turning sweeter, it will be hard to stay indoors and do either reading or writing with the spare minutes.

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