31 July 2012

further info on Fading Light competition

Open to Interpretation brings together photographers and writers in an
exciting and innovative book project that has never been done before.

Fading Light

The photographers sent us their images of shadows, absence of light,
twilight, darkness, losing light, and transformation. Now it's your turn
to use the images to inspire your words. Your poems and stories may
include the literal description of the work, personal memories,
metaphorical associations, or your mood inspired by the image.

Poetry, flash fiction, narrative, ekphrastic poetry, short story, memoir,
non-fiction, song lyrics, myth, tall tale or fairy tale - all genres are

BookTitle: Open to interpretation - Theme: Fading Light
Judge: Jacqueline Kolosov,
Submission Fee: $20 for 3 images, $10 additional

Deadline for submission: November 13, 1012

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