21 April 2012

The case of the Vanishing heart launches into the world wide web

Vast superlatives that one could never use in real writing must be allowed here to express my pleasure and reflief in publishing "The case of the Vanishing heart" this past week. It has taken an extraordinary determination to move beyond previous ideas of e-publishing vs traditional, stately, eloquent book publishing. Likewise the imagined impossibility of ever getting this off my to-do list in life has been set aside. There is now a precise check mark with just a bit of a flourish adjacent to that entry on the list.

My poor characters have languished patiently for too long beneath the closed covers of this book. I'm sure they're appalled at the time it has taken to get on with it, and at the same time are probably toasting with glasses of lovely French champagne (courtesy of Jersey, I suspect), as they are free at last to express themselves to a wider audience. They do not harbor the same publishing sentimentality as the person who penned their stories.

Meanwhile, this event has then encouraged, nay demanded, a web page to go along with its launch. I believe the world expects authors nowadays to be the equivalent of a one-man band when it comes to writing, editing, publishing, distributing, marketing and generally promoting a piece of literature. This is then the beginning of the next part of the adventure that ended a while back when the final words were laid on the page.

There are more books to come. More characters with stories to be told. More conversations to be enjoyed.


  1. Love your opening post. A thing you could do is to play around with your layout and add a button that allows people to follow your blog. That way they will get an automatic update whenever you post and will be able to keep up more easily with what you are saying. It also says to a casual dropper-by that this is a site that keeps people interested.

  2. thanks, Bob, i'll go look for that button. you don't think it will bug people to be notified about these updates? i struggle between wanting people to feel inclusive and not wanting to intrude on people's busy lives. so i'm glad for your perspective.

    1. If the button is there people can choose to press it if they are interested or not. Even once they have joined, they don't have to read your posts - they'll just get a chance to when they log in to their own blog dashboard.

  3. I'm glad you finally released your story & talents to the world.